To keep track of exactly where we have been on Iceland, we are going to equip both Expedition Vehicles with purpose built Tracker Devices.

These Tracker Devices will provide exact location coordinates for later reference, as well as a nice way for our family and friends to see where we are, and where we have been.

To get the most versatile solution possible, we are using a credit card size computer called Raspberry Pi, combined with a GPS module attached to it.

Raspberry Pi have become very popular for prototyping projects such as this, due to its small size, low power consumption and low price.

It is also fairly powerful computer for its size, which makes it the perfect candidate for our purpose built Trackers.

Raspberry Pi model B+ Raspberry Pi with GPS module

Family and friends will be provided with a way to see where we have been, and where we are, at any given time.

To make this possible, the Trackers need to be able to send data to a server, where it will be stored and subsequently visualized on a map.

A network distributed between the cars with WiFi routers and a 3G modem will enable the Trackers to send data home whenever possible, and also a way for us to post regular updates to our blog and social networks.

The Raspberry Pi have been set up to support our purpose built data collection software which is now deployed in Expedition Vehicle 1.

For the more technical readers, you can read more about the general setup of the Raspberry Pi here.


More news and updates about this project will be published as it progresses…

If you wish to help us develop these Tracking Devices, with information, experience transfer or equipment donation, etc., we would really like to hear from you.