Clearly Iceland opens up a fantastic opportunity for digital photographic experimentation & journalism.


We intend to utilise our comprehensive set of Nikon Cameras and Lens, pocket cameras and mobile phones, to take digital photographs throughout the Expedition duration.

Instagram ICE2015 Account

We intend to share some of the more interesting or exciting ones daily, via our website Blog or Instagram updates.

GoPro HERO3 Black

We also intend to use GoPro cameras to film video action footage throughout the trip.

One GoPro camera will be mounted inside each expedition vehicle, on top of the inside dashboard facing through the windscreen, to capture the driver’s point of view throughout the trip.

We hope to utilize some of the more interesting sections of our journey, to generate a series of videos of our trip following our return back to Norway.

We also intend to conduct some aerial photography, using GoPro cameras mounted on remote control Quadcopters (see Expedition Quadcopter page).


All Sponsors of the Expedition will have possibility for full access to photographs and videos captured during the expedition.

For Sponsors that have requested photographs displaying their products and logos within the field, there will be priority filming, to complete our sponsorship obligations.