Having a Quadcopter or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) with us on the Expedition, is going to add real additional value to our Photographic Mission.

We have built our own Quadcopter from scratch, buying parts from different dealers, and building / assembling it ourselves.

Quadcopter Building

The frame we chose was designed by Untested Prototype. The r.300 FPV Quad is a 300mm motor-to-motor, symmetrical H-frame quadrotor.

The frame has been designed for cinematic flights, incorporating a six bobbin dampening system, with room to mount a GoPro camera on either the front and / or rear.

To keep the GoPro camera safe, the frame incorporates a protected “roll-cage” section towards the front.

Untested Prototype r.300 FPV Quad frame

It was really good to get the kids proactively involved in the building / assembly, bench testing and test flight process.

We all learned a lot during this period, and had great fun along the way (see Blog News Articles: Quadcopter Building Begins & Quadcopter Testing Continues).

Tuva (Left) & Dina (Right) building Quadcopter frameGunnar (Left) & Tuva (Right) building Quadcopter frame

We really look forward to using it in the field to record video film, when we reach interesting locations throughout our Iceland Expedition.

Neil (Left) & Gunnar (Right) Test Flying Quadcopter with Fat Shark Attitude V2 FPV (First-Person View) gogglesGunnar Test Fying Quadcopter - Stability Checks

Check out this truly inspirational video about Quadcopter flying in Iceland by Elisabetta Rosso (Inspirational Photographer) – this gives us a goal to strive towards.

If we can capture some top quality video footage like this on our Expedition, it will really add additional value to our already epic trip.


Also check out this excellent and inspirational video from GoPro: