Expedition Aim

The Aim of ICE2015, is to Circumnavigate Iceland by driving 2 Arctic Trucks.

This will be achieved via Iceland’s only major highway – Route 1, which forms the main ring-road around Iceland, with occasional side excursions into the country interior, via the more challenging Mountain / Highland (L) & F Roads.

Iceland Route 1 Map


Expedition Objectives

The objective of ICE2015, is to teach and improve both ourselves and our children, the skill & art of Expedition Planning & successful Execution, as well as continue to learn new and exciting skills along the way (such as Quadcopter building & flying, car maintenance & repairs, etc.).

The whole Expedition Planning & Execution process will form a continuous learning exercise – from initial concept and definition, through equipment selection, procurement & checking, to final execution and completion.

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It is hoped that the Expedition will form a positive life-changing experience for all us, and encourage our children to develop and grow their “Exploration Genes”…..

and of course……..to Never Stop Exploring.

Never Stop Exploring