First Expedition GoPro Camera Acquired

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Today we acquired our first GoPro Action / Adventure Video Camera, for the Expedition.

Its a hardly-used, second hand, GoPro HERO3 Black model, in excellent condition with lots of extra gear & accessories, including WiFi remote control, bought locally in Stavanger via

This will be mounted into Expedition Vehicle 2, where we will learn how to make the most from these incredible action cameras, and get used to its battery life time, memory card capacity, etc. This will form vital field use information, allowing us to plan more effectively for when the time comes to drive in Iceland.

GoPro Logo

We will probably have to acquire 3 or 4 of these GoPro Action / Adventure Video Cameras in total for the Expedition – One for each Exploration Vehicle (facing forward through the windscreen to capture the drive), one for the Quadcopter to take aerial photos, and probably one more mounted on either vehicle (probably on the roof rack / facing backwards) to add another view dimension to the video film recorded.


Take a look at this inspiration video, to see what you can achieve using a GoPro Camera:



If anyone reading this blog news update has any GoPro equipment they don’t want, or can afford to donate to our Expedition, we would really like to hear from you – see Wish List.

We are looking for not only the cameras (any model), but also spares & accessories, which we will certainly need, e.g.: memory cards, batteries, charger cables, housing protection boxes, etc.

Bárðarbunga Volcano – Current High Activity

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Over the last few months, the Bárðarbunga Volcano in “central” Iceland has become very active, with many hundreds of earthquakes and high / spectacular lava expulsion.

Bardarbunga Lava Flow

So far, there is no indication that this incredible geological / volcanic event will have any significant impact on our travel route & plans, but we will keep a close eye on its progress & change from now on and over the months up to our departure date, and consider reworking our route / travel plans (if required) accordingly.

Bardarbunga Volcano

(Source: Reykjavik Grapevine – Article: 110 Earthquakes in 24 Hours)

We hope that we can maybe experience some of its visual lava shows, dependent upon how close we are allowed to safely approach by the Authorities. Lets see what the situation is like Summer 2015.

None of us have ever seen a live / active volcanic event, although Neil did visit Heimaey on Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands) in 1979, 6 years after the epic eruption there of Eldfell (means Mountain of Fire in Icelandic). Even after 6 years, the volcano was very hot to touch, with lots of sulphuric gasses still seeping out the vents.


For more up-to-date information, visit the Facebook Page dedicated to this current high volcanic activity: Bardarbunga Volcano – Bárðarbunga Volcano




Expedition Vehicle Maintenance

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Today we began working on the first Maintenance / Repair / Upgrade tasks on Expedition Vehicle 2.

Neil (Front) & Gunnar (Back) Working on Arctic Trucks 2

Our first tasks With Expedition Vehicle 2, is to work on small “fix-it” jobs on the back cab section, including fixing the back door fittings and interior light.

Gunnar Working on Arctic Trucks 2

It was great to also get both Tuva and Dina involved in the process – as you can see from the photo below, they were quite busy helping us loosen & remove the retainer nuts, holding the back cab roof rack bars in place.

Dina (Left) & Tuva (Centre) helping Neil (Right) with Car Maintenance on Arctic Trucks 2

They both did a really great job, and helped out with may other tasks all afternoon, despite the rainy conditions.

We really look forward to their continuous help over the next few months.




Expedition Vehicles Maitenance & Upgrade Process Begins

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Knoks Breakers Yard - Forus

Collected our first minor replacement / upgrade parts for our Expedition Vehicles from Knoks Car Parts “Breakers Yard” today.

We will probably be using this place quite a bit over the next few months, to find small replacement or upgrade parts, to improve our 2 Exploration Vehicles – especially for parts that are non-critical, such as interior trim replacements, minor component parts, etc.

For more Critical / Essential parts, we will of course be using the Toyota Parts Distribution network.

Sponsorship Activities Begin

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It’s now time to begin seeking Sponsorships and Donations towards the costs / equipment for our Expedition.

Now that we have acquired both Expedition Vehicles, we are ready to begin our detailed Planning & Preparation Phase.

What we are aiming to do, is utilize the “Universal Law of Attraction”, by letting as many people as possible know of our hopes, dreams and wishes for the Expedition, in the hope that we can significantly raise awareness via Social Networking and Business Networking, and hopefully stimulate Sponsorship / Donation options.

We have an ambitious Plan, which we will strive very hard to achieve, but to do this we clearly need your help and generosity.

Our Motto: If you don’t try, you cannot succeed……


Expedition Shares

Our target is to raise 500,000 NOK, which we have broken down into “bite-size pieces” of 1,000 NOK Expedition Shares.

With this method, we have therefore set ourselves the target to “Sell” 500 Expedition Shares, each with a value of 1,000 NOK.

1 Expedition Share = 1,000 NOK

If you are interested in helping us achieve our goal, we ask you to consider sponsoring one (or more) of these Expedition Shares.

The more Expedition Shares we sell, the nearer we come to reaching our goal.


Company Sponsorship Deals

We are very open and quite flexible towards Company Sponsorship Deals and Options.

We offer the following interesting business opportunities for your consideration:

  • Company Logo / Website Address Stickers on both Expedition Vehicles (duration: until September 2015)
  • Utilize our Expedition Vehicles for Photographic Projects / Commercial Photo Opportunities
  • Field Test Equipment in Iceland
  • etc…

All Company Sponsorship Deals and Options will be warmly welcomed and seriously considered.


Expedition Vehicles – Company Logo Stickers

We offer a great business opportunity for increased Market Exposure by placing Company Logo / Website Address Stickers on both our highly visible Arctic Trucks Expedition Vehicles.

All Sponsors of the Expedition will have possibility for full access to photographs and videos captured during the Expedition.

For Sponsors that have requested photographs displaying their products and logos within the field, there will be priority filming, to complete our sponsorship obligations.


Field Test Equipment

If you have any equipment you would like “Field Testing” in Iceland (e.g. Tracking Systems, Scientific / Communication Equipment, Outdoor Equipment / Clothing, etc.) we would really like to hear from you.


Wish List

If you are a Company or Equipment Supplier that wish to assist us by supplying some of the items we have published on our “Wish List”, we would really like to hear from you.


Individual / Private Donations

Should anyone wish to personally / privately sponsor our Expedition, we would of course really like to hear from you.

Your Contribution may be made public, or remain anonymous (as your request).

Let’s Buy an Arctic Trucks

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It was quite clear from our initial discussions and planning, that we would need to use reliable 4X4 off-road vehicles, in order to allow access to the country interior mountain roads, which are true off-road tracks (typically gravel roads, with ford river crossings and non-even driving surfaces).

We are both fans of Arctic Trucks, so it was no coincidence that we gravitated towards these cars, when scanning to see what was available at the time, on the used car market.

We quickly identified our first Arctic Trucks option, which was both reliable (excellent & complete Service Record) and affordable (within our own personal budget limits), and fast-tracked our efforts to secure its purchase – see Blog Article Arctic Trucks 1 Acquired Page.


The idea is born…

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In 1979, at the age of 16, Neil paid his first visit to Iceland, where he spent one month touring the areas around Reykjavik, Gullfoss / Geysir & Strokkur / Þingvellir (Golden Circle), Snæfellsjökull, Þórsmörk, Landmannalaugar & Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands) (South West Iceland), whist staying with his Icelandic relations.

This first visit formed a defining moment in Neil’s decision towards his future career as a Geoscientist, whilst also greatly enhancing his love of The Great Outdoors, the Spirit of Adventure & Exploration.

It was also during this first visit to Iceland that the idea of returning one day, to explore the whole island of Iceland was born. Neil has returned back to Iceland a number of times since, to once again visit his relatives as well as explore the island further as a tourist, but has yet to achieve his dream.

Admittedly, it’s taken a long time to reach fruition (36 years!) – But better late than never….


(Newspaper Clip from local South Yorkshire Times, UK – This was seen as quite a big event back in 1979! (16 year old travelling to Iceland alone for one month, after raising the money to achieve this all by himself) – How times and travel expectations have dramatically changed).

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