Last Post – Link to ICE2017 New Website

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This is (probably) the very last Blog Post we will publish on the ICE2015 website !!!


We have now set-up and started to populate the new website for our next Iceland Expedition ICE2017.

ICE2017 Website


Please take at look at our new website ICE2017 and please keep in touch with us.


We really appreciated all your comments, advice, sponsorship, donations, help and assistance.


Thanks a lot for being part of ICE2015 – Welcome to become part of ICE2017.

Post Expedition YouTube Video

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Its been a very long time since we posted any new material onto our expedition website – and for this we humbly apologise – sorry!!!


Its been a very busy time for all of us, since our return back from Iceland.


There was a LOT of videos and a LOT of photos to process, analyse and edit, in order to find out what we wished to commonly share, etc.


Below is a short (4 minutes, 12 Seconds) YouTube video, that we have spliced together, to give you all a taste of what the trip was like.

Of course, it cannot show you everywhere we went, or everything we encountered or experienced, but it does provide a small “taste” of what it was like, and how we enjoyed it.

We also wanted to take the opportunity to once again thank all our Expedition Sponsors (see last frame of video)


Hope you enjoy it…..


If you like the music from the video:

Below is the YouTube video of Lindsey Stirling performing “Elements”

I think you will see why we chose it……..

Enjoy 🙂

Day 31: North Sea (North Bound) – Stavanger

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We arrived at Tananger Ferry Terminal, Stavanger, Norway at 06:00AM, on schedule, which meant a very early rise and start to the day, to be ready for departure from the ferry at this time.

The overnight crossing was smooth, and we all slept well.

The weather had taken a turn for the worst on arrival, with overcast clouds and rain – a typical welcome back to Stavanger !!!

Once we had departed the ferry and passed thought Norwegian Customs, we drove straight home, where we unpacked the 2 Arctic Trucks of all the expedition boxes and gear.

We then spent the remainder of the day, unpacking, sorting, cleaning, washing, drying and generally getting as much achieved as possible, before we all return back to work tomorrow.

It been a truly fantastic adventure, and we still have a lot of images and blog news to deliver – so don’t go away….

Day 30: North Sea (Southeast Bound) – Hirtshals

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After another good nights sleep and relaxation on the ferry, we packed our belonging and arrived at Hirtshlas Ferry Terminal around midday – on schedule.

Once again, the car stacking system was extremely tight, making it difficult for most folks to get into their cars.

Extremely Tight Car Stacking

After departing the ferry, we once again drove into Hirtshals town, to kill time before our evening Fjordline Ferry on to Stavanger, Norway.

Seafront Cafe

We took lunch at a local seafront café, where we managed to catch-up with our blog news publications.

Carved Whale Sculpture

Later in the afternoon, we visited the North Sea Oceanarium (Nordsøen Oceanarium) for a couple of hours, where we experienced the biggest aquarium in Northern Europe.

Impresive Fish Tanks

Some of the “fish tanks” were simply enormous, and quite fascinating to just sit and watch, as the many fish types inside made their way around the tanks.

Enormous Fish Tanks

We also had the pleasure to experience the feeding of the Seals, which was quite fun.

Seal Feeding

We then returned to the same ferry terminal we had left just a few hours before, to join the overnight Fjordline Ferry to Stavanger.

Once on board MS Stavangerfjord, we did the usual Duty Free Shopping, before eating dinner and relaxing to the cabin.

The sea conditions were very calm, with “flat sea” all the way.

This was our last night away on holiday, as tomorrow morning we return home to Norway.

Day 29: North Atlantic – North Sea (Southeast Bound)

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We all really benefitted from a nice, long, relaxing and trouble-free night, sleeping in comfortable cabin beds. It’s probably what we all needed after such a long period of camping, sleep deprivation, sleeping in cars, etc.

In the middle of night (ca.03:00 AM) the ferry called into Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, to drop-off / pick-up passengers, which only slightly disrupted our sleep, due to our cabin being located directly above the upper car deck.

The sea conditions over the last day at sea have been reasonably calm for the North Atlantic, with only the minimum swells and rolls, totally within expectation of a ferry boat of such size on these Oceanic currents.

After a late and relaxing breakfast, we all went swimming, and really enjoyed the “natural wave machine” experience, due to the rocking effect, and later the sauna & hot tubs.

Before evening dinner, we all went to the ferry cinema, to seen the new film “Minions”, which we all really enjoyed.

After evening dinner, we all visited the upper aft deck, to get some fresh air and enjoy the view, before relaxing for the evening into the cabin.


Day 28: Seyðisfjörður – North Atlantic (Southeast Bound)

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Arctic Trucks Last Campsite

After spending the night in the cars, we were up early, ready to join the very early check-in time for the Smyril Line Ferry in Seyðisfjörður, to begin our 3 day dual ferry journey home.

Dina Asleep on Backseats Exploration Vehicle 2

Dina slept really well across the back seats of Exploration Vehicle 2, whilst Neil unfortunately didn’t manage to get any sleep at all. In Exploration Vehicle 1, both Tuva and Gunnar slept fitfully on and off all night. The weather remained poor all night, and provided a grey, overcast, foggy, cold and quite wet setting for our departure from Iceland.

Ferry Queue

The ferry Check-In and stacking system was a real test of patience, and seemed to take forever.

Tuva & Gunnar waiting in ferry queue Dina waiting in Ferry Queue Smyril Line Ferry Arrival

Once we were finally on the ferry, and eaten lunch, Gunnar, Tuva & Dina went swimming, whilst Neil caught up with some badly needed sleep.

After evening dinner, we all went to the ferry cinema, to seen the new Marvel Avengers film “Avengers – Age of Ultron”, which we all really enjoyed. We finished the day, by catching up on blog writing, reading & relaxing.

Today, Anja also flew home to Norway from Reykjavík (Keflavík), via Oslo Gardermoen to Stavanger (Sola) airport, and later in the day collected Mishka from friends, to bring her back home. For Anja, The ICE2015 adventure has ended. For the remaining team, we still have a couple of days ahead.

Day 27: Egilsstaðir – Seyðisfjörður

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This is out last full day in Iceland.

Day began with an easy start in the Edda Hotel, where we took it nice and easy for once, rather than rushing to break camp, packing cars, and checking our maps before moving on to the next location objectives.

It was a good job we were not camping last night, as it poured down all night, and the rain continued throughout the rest of the day, with various periods of intensity, from light constant drizzle, to heavy rain.

We were woken up by the hotel fire alarm at ca.08:30. We all got dressed and ready for evacuation immediately. Then after a few seconds, the fire alarm stopped. Neil went to the reception desk to find out situation, and to verify it was a false alarm – which it was (set off in the hotel kitchen). However, what was alarming, is that Neil was the only guest that came down to verify the situation – all the other hotel guests just “assumed” everything must be ok if the alarm has stopped – quite alarming and shocking !!!

The first job we had to do after breakfast, was take off the roof rack systems and spare wheel from Exploration Vehicle 2. Unfortunately, we had to do this in the rain, which was not the best or most convenient conditions, as we had to also empty the whole of the back of the pickup, to rearrange everything, so that we could insert the roof rack into the back, out of the way. Consequently, we got very wet and dirty.


Once we were sorted and ready, we drove into Egilsstaðir town centre, to look around the shops, eat and relax, as the weather was too poor to do any local sightseeing.

Dina with Icecream

Lasr Dinner Together

We then dropped Anja at Egilsstaðir Airport, to catch the evening Air Iceland domestic flight to Reykjavík, where she will spend the night before catching tomorrow mornings flight back to Norway.


Once Anja was on her way, we drove the last section of our Iceland trip, back to Seyðisfjörður, where it all started, in very low cloud / fog.

Here we drove around the town, visited the local cafes before staying the night sleeping in the cars, as the weather was still bad outside, and all the guesthouses were fully booked.

Car Keys

Tracking Data Update – The Circle is Complete

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We have now driven over 4000km since leaving Sandnes.

The circle is now complete, and we have successfully circumnavigated Iceland, which was the prime objective of our Expedition.

We still have one more day of “local exploration” around the Egilsstaðir area, before driving back to the Smyril Line ferry terminal at Seyðisfjörður.

A final Tracking Data Article will be issued once we are on the ferry and on our way home.

Notice that the colour has been constantly changing as the data set builds – this is to inform viewers of the direction of movement (from red (start) to green (end)).

Tracking Data 04 August 2015

Day 26: Reyðarfjörður – Egilsstaðir

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Day began very wet and windy, after a night of rainfall onto the tent, with the camping ground starting to develop puddles.

The recent weather forecast had been good for our last few days in Iceland, but todays weather turned out to be the worst we have encountered on our journey – and it doesn’t look any better for the rest of our time here now……

Neil at Iceandic Wartime Museum

After breaking camp, we drove up to the top end of Heiðarvegur to the Icelandic Wartime Museum in Reyðarfjörður, where during World War II around 3000 Allied soldiers – about 10 times the local population – were based. The building is surrounded by mines, Army Trucks, aeroplane propellers, etc..

WWII Vehicles outside Iceandic Wartime Museaum

The museum is tucked behind a rusting set of army barracks, built as part of a hospital camp in 1943 but never used for that purpose. No Icelanders actually fought in World War II; however, many locals were killed at sea bringing large shipments of fish over to the UK. Unfortunately the museum was closed in the morning, so we only had the opportunity to walk around the base. Apparently, a Norwegian Air Force team formed part of the Allied Troops stationed here – pity we could get inside to find out more.

WWII Alied Force Camp

We then drove via Eskifjörður to Neskaupstaður, which apparently is a twin town of Stavanger, Norway – so we just had to go there and take a closer look. The weather on this relatively short drive was atrocious, with driving rain, very low visibility / low cloud, very strong / significant gusts of wind (26 m/s).

However, we didn’t find too much in common between Neskaupstaður and Stavanger – other than the pouring rain and driving winds !!!!


We then drove to Egilsstaðir, where we first called at the Information Centre, to gain details of local accommodation options. Luckily, we gained the very last room in the Edda Hotel, which was a great relief to all, as the weather conditions outside had not really improved, and we really needed to get clean and sorted. Neil is also still not fully recovered, so he was also looking forward to a good nights sleep.

After securing accommodation for the night, we eat lunch in town, before moving into the hotel room. Strangely enough, we eat at the same restaurant café “Salt” and sat in the same seats – strange déjà vu coincidence.

Cafe Restaurant SAlt, Egilsstaðir

The rest of the afternoon / evening, was spent in the hotel room, reorganising, washing, cleaning, sorting, resting.

For everyone, it felt quite strange to be back in Egilsstaðir, where 3 weeks ago, our Iceland adventure began. I think we can’t believe we have just driven the whole way around Iceland, including where possible some of the central highlands. I think we all feel the same way, that this is not the last time we will be in Iceland – further future Iceland adventures awaits….

Day 25: Höfn – Reyðarfjörður

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After leaving our “little hytte” at Höfn Camping, we continued our drive along Highway 1 eastwards (anticlockwise).

Just after leaving Höfn, we encountered “the cloud machine”, where very dense cold clouds from the Vatnajökull glacier poured over the cliff edge, and literally plunged down to the road, just like a “cloud waterfall” – extremely impressive and totally weird climatic conditions, especially driving through the middle of it.

Cloud Making Machine

Whilst driving along this coastal road, we occasionally stopped off, to admire the local sea stacks and beaches.

Beaches, Sea Stacks & Mini-Cairns

We stopped in Djúpivogur for lunch, which was a very nice small fishing village.

Djúpivogur Harbour

 Langavuð Djúpivogur Habour

We then drove on to Reyðarfjörður, where we set-up camp at the local campsite, before walking into town to eat dinner.

On the way we fed the local campsite ducks.

Reyðarfjörður Campsite Ducks

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