We would really like to acknowledge everyone that has helped us to achieve our goal (however great or small).

Your generosity with Help, Support, Donations, Sponsorships and Contributions are REALLY HIGHLY APPRECIATED


We have noticed that a lot of people these days, forget to say Thank You when they receive.

We sincerely hope our listing below has captured everyone – We Thank You from the bottom of our hearts:


Morgan Svensen – Equipment Donation (Vehicle – Arctic Trucks 1)

Robert Leulier – Equipment Donation (Vehicle – Arctic Trucks 2)

Betty Smith – Financial Donation & Support

Sure Travel (Kev) – UK Taxi & Transportation / Logistics Services

Origin AS – Financial Sponsorship, ICT Services & Website Support

Rune Løvik (Origin AS) – Financial Sponsorship, ICT Services & Website Support

Tove Kilhavn – Photographic Material, Background Information & Maps / Technical Support, Tour Food Packs

Ketil Ryssdal ThorsenAdvice & Support + Equipment Donation

Proactima AS – Telephone Communication Equipment Donation

Mohammad Bakhshmand Amir – GPS Equipment Donation

Mary Whiteman – Expedition Food Donation

Eirik Præsttun – Expedition Norwegian Flag Donation

Paul Laycock – Discounted British Army Surplus Supplies & Donations

Øyvind & Kirsten Skarlund – House Sitting & Pets Care (Expedition Duration)

Mercedes-Benz Entusiastklubb (Stavanger) – Workshop Access, Help, Advice & Assistance

Gert Åkerholt – Parking Access & Facilities

David Daigle – Arctic Trucks & Iceland Expedition Advice

Eni Norge ENIMS Team & HSEQ Quality Unit Team – Continuous Encouragement & Support

Helge Skjold – VHF Hunting Radios Equipment Donation

Smith Optics / Polaroid (Safilo Group) – Polaroid Sunglasses & Equipment Donation

Lena Alström (Safilo Nordic Sport) – Polaroid Sunglasses & Equipment Donation

Game-On ASExpedition Equipment Donation

North Face – Promotion Stickers

Praesto 4X4 Ltd – Discounted Expedition Vehicles Equipment & Support

Glen Waldron (Praesto 4X4 Ltd) – Discounted Expedition Vehicles Equipment & Support

Åsulv Præsttun (Sven Kia Sandnes) – Expedition Vehicle Parts, Maintenance Advice, Assistance & Support

Ola Skjeldal – Expedition Quadcopter Advice & Assistance

GoPro – Promotion Stickers

Glenn Angell – GPS / GIS Advice & Support

NJFF (Norges Jeger- og Fiskerforbund / Norway Hunters & Anglers Association) – Expedition Equipment Donation

Sissel Bjørge (NJFF) – Expedition Equipment Donation

Arctic Trucks Norge AS – Discounted Expedition Equipment, Advice & Services

Ørn Thomsen (Arctic Trucks Norge AS) – Discounted Expedition Equipment, Advice & Services

Alexander Ferner (Arctic Trucks Norge AS) – Discounted Expedition Equipment, Advice & Services

Kristin Andersen (Arctic Trucks Norge AS) – Discounted Expedition Equipment, Advice & Services

Britha-Kristin Sulen Gjerde (Arctic Trucks Norge AS) – Production Manager / Workshop Supervisor

Øyvind Jenssen (Arctic Trucks Norge AS) – Workshop Engineer / Mechanic

Raymond Berntsen (Arctic Trucks Norge AS) – Workshop Engineer / Mechanic

Pauline Otręba – Geology of Iceland Book, Background Information & Support

Ben Clarke – Background Information & Support

Arctic Trucks Experience – Expedition Equipment Donation

Freyja Ágústsdóttir (Arctic Trucks Experience – Iceland) – Expedition Equipment Donation

Luigi Boccitto – Iceland Maps & Information

Into the GlacierPromotion Stickers

Ingibjörg Ásta Halldórsdóttir (Into the Glacier) – Expedition Support / Promotion Stickers

Glenn Eriksen-Aske – Toyota Parts Acquisition & Donations / Advice & Assistance

Annette Kolb – Expedition Encouragement & Support

Trine Eriksen Olden, Elisabeth Sørnes & Jochen Müller – “Iceland Expedition” (Special One-Off Edition) Music CD

Trine Eriksen OldenLilleborg AS Personal Hygiene Products

BilXtra AS – Vehicle Equipment Donations

Øyvind & Freddy (BilXtra Stavanger) – Vehicle Equipment Donations & Advice

Birgit Espeland – Vehicle Emergency Equipment / Pet Care (Expedition Duration)

Anthony (Tony ) Leach – Expedition Encouragement & Support


Everyone” who has sold us equipment via Finn.no or ebay
Far too many to mention individually….but thanks for all your Help & Support


If we have somehow missed someone / you off our list, then its an accident – please let us know.
We really do want to thank everyone who has made a contribution, as you are part of our story….