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Its been a very long time since we posted any new material onto our expedition website – and for this we humbly apologise – sorry!!!


Its been a very busy time for all of us, since our return back from Iceland.


There was a LOT of videos and a LOT of photos to process, analyse and edit, in order to find out what we wished to commonly share, etc.


Below is a short (4 minutes, 12 Seconds) YouTube video, that we have spliced together, to give you all a taste of what the trip was like.

Of course, it cannot show you everywhere we went, or everything we encountered or experienced, but it does provide a small “taste” of what it was like, and how we enjoyed it.

We also wanted to take the opportunity to once again thank all our Expedition Sponsors (see last frame of video)


Hope you enjoy it…..


If you like the music from the video:

Below is the YouTube video of Lindsey Stirling performing “Elements”

I think you will see why we chose it……..

Enjoy 🙂

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