Day 29: North Atlantic – North Sea (Southeast Bound)

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We all really benefitted from a nice, long, relaxing and trouble-free night, sleeping in comfortable cabin beds. It’s probably what we all needed after such a long period of camping, sleep deprivation, sleeping in cars, etc.

In the middle of night (ca.03:00 AM) the ferry called into Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, to drop-off / pick-up passengers, which only slightly disrupted our sleep, due to our cabin being located directly above the upper car deck.

The sea conditions over the last day at sea have been reasonably calm for the North Atlantic, with only the minimum swells and rolls, totally within expectation of a ferry boat of such size on these Oceanic currents.

After a late and relaxing breakfast, we all went swimming, and really enjoyed the “natural wave machine” experience, due to the rocking effect, and later the sauna & hot tubs.

Before evening dinner, we all went to the ferry cinema, to seen the new film “Minions”, which we all really enjoyed.

After evening dinner, we all visited the upper aft deck, to get some fresh air and enjoy the view, before relaxing for the evening into the cabin.


  1. Rachel

    Det har vært fantastisk å følge denne bloggen,samt Anja’s fb oppdateringer. For en tur, for en opplevelse!!
    Dere har gitt oss trauste “hotelseng turister” en smak av noe sikkert mange av oss gjerne vil være med på, men aldri manner oss opp til!!

    Bloggen har vært fast lektyre på nattevaktene mine, og bildene sier sitt om en fantastisk opplevelse.

    Wel done?

    Gleder meg til neste ferie og neste blogg?

    Ønsker dere alle vel hjem?

    Tusen Takk


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