Day 28: Seyðisfjörður – North Atlantic (Southeast Bound)

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Arctic Trucks Last Campsite

After spending the night in the cars, we were up early, ready to join the very early check-in time for the Smyril Line Ferry in Seyðisfjörður, to begin our 3 day dual ferry journey home.

Dina Asleep on Backseats Exploration Vehicle 2

Dina slept really well across the back seats of Exploration Vehicle 2, whilst Neil unfortunately didn’t manage to get any sleep at all. In Exploration Vehicle 1, both Tuva and Gunnar slept fitfully on and off all night. The weather remained poor all night, and provided a grey, overcast, foggy, cold and quite wet setting for our departure from Iceland.

Ferry Queue

The ferry Check-In and stacking system was a real test of patience, and seemed to take forever.

Tuva & Gunnar waiting in ferry queue Dina waiting in Ferry Queue Smyril Line Ferry Arrival

Once we were finally on the ferry, and eaten lunch, Gunnar, Tuva & Dina went swimming, whilst Neil caught up with some badly needed sleep.

After evening dinner, we all went to the ferry cinema, to seen the new Marvel Avengers film “Avengers – Age of Ultron”, which we all really enjoyed. We finished the day, by catching up on blog writing, reading & relaxing.

Today, Anja also flew home to Norway from Reykjavík (Keflavík), via Oslo Gardermoen to Stavanger (Sola) airport, and later in the day collected Mishka from friends, to bring her back home. For Anja, The ICE2015 adventure has ended. For the remaining team, we still have a couple of days ahead.

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