Day 27: Egilsstaðir – Seyðisfjörður

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This is out last full day in Iceland.

Day began with an easy start in the Edda Hotel, where we took it nice and easy for once, rather than rushing to break camp, packing cars, and checking our maps before moving on to the next location objectives.

It was a good job we were not camping last night, as it poured down all night, and the rain continued throughout the rest of the day, with various periods of intensity, from light constant drizzle, to heavy rain.

We were woken up by the hotel fire alarm at ca.08:30. We all got dressed and ready for evacuation immediately. Then after a few seconds, the fire alarm stopped. Neil went to the reception desk to find out situation, and to verify it was a false alarm – which it was (set off in the hotel kitchen). However, what was alarming, is that Neil was the only guest that came down to verify the situation – all the other hotel guests just “assumed” everything must be ok if the alarm has stopped – quite alarming and shocking !!!

The first job we had to do after breakfast, was take off the roof rack systems and spare wheel from Exploration Vehicle 2. Unfortunately, we had to do this in the rain, which was not the best or most convenient conditions, as we had to also empty the whole of the back of the pickup, to rearrange everything, so that we could insert the roof rack into the back, out of the way. Consequently, we got very wet and dirty.


Once we were sorted and ready, we drove into Egilsstaðir town centre, to look around the shops, eat and relax, as the weather was too poor to do any local sightseeing.

Dina with Icecream

Lasr Dinner Together

We then dropped Anja at Egilsstaðir Airport, to catch the evening Air Iceland domestic flight to Reykjavík, where she will spend the night before catching tomorrow mornings flight back to Norway.


Once Anja was on her way, we drove the last section of our Iceland trip, back to Seyðisfjörður, where it all started, in very low cloud / fog.

Here we drove around the town, visited the local cafes before staying the night sleeping in the cars, as the weather was still bad outside, and all the guesthouses were fully booked.

Car Keys

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