Day 22: Vík (Neil Sick)

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Today was an unplanned “rest day”, to allow Neil to begin to recover from his very bad case of food poisoning.

Whilst the rest of the team found things to do throughout the day, Neil slept most of the time, when not visiting the bathroom !!!!

Gunnar took the kids to the local swimming pool, whilst Anja knitted in the sunshine at the back of the Guesthouse Carina.

Anja had the nice opportunity to meet up with her cousin Harald, and his wife Margret & child, who by chance were visiting Vík from Norway at the same time as we were here.

Family Reunion in Vik

Later in the evening, the rest of the team went out to the local sea cliffs, to watch the Puffins, whilst Neil slept and recovered.

Reynisdrangar Sea Stacks & Sea Cliffs, Vik.

Puffin on Sea Cliff at Vik

Close-Up of Puffin

We would like the owners and staff of Guesthouse Carina for all their help and support during Neil’s sickness – much appreciated.


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