Day 20: Landmannalaugar – Hvolsvöllur (46 River Crossings Day !)

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Today was a slow and late start, with a late sleep-in, followed by a swim in the natural hot spring river next to the camping ground. This was very refreshing, yet quite odd, as a hot spring met a cold stream, resulting in a perfect hot tub temperature. However, the waters did not mix perfectly, which meant that you had to find the right spot in the river, to gain the benefit of the natural hot waters. There was also lots of bubbles seeping through the river bed, where hot geothermal waters were also entering the river.

Natural Hot Springs at Landmannalaugar Campsite

The weather was mixed throughout the day, with sunshine, showers, rain, cloudy, blue skies, and sunshine – constant mix of weather conditions, which changed rapidly.

Interesting Weather Conditions

Driving into Wilderness

After leaving Landmannalaugar, we drove east along mountain road F208, to begin what resulting in being one of the most epic drives of this expedition.

Interesting River Corssings Ahead...

River Cossing Warning

Not only was the landscape totally phenomenal wherever you looked, with interesting and challenging driving most of the day, which included 46 river crossings !!!

Waterfall River Crossing

Here is a short video of one of these 46 river crossings…


The drive took us along the NE and E side of Mýrdalsjökull, forever downwards to the coastal plane and finally to the ring road, Highway 1.

Interesting Passing Conditions

Once we reached Highway 1, we drove west, via Vík, to Hvolsvöllur, where we camped the night.

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