Day 19: Fluðir – Landmannalaugar

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Day started very nicely, with a warm sun-lit tent, which we have not had too many of, so far this trip.

Once we packed up camp, we had to spend a couple of hours writing 3 blog news articles, to get back up to date, as well as recharge a lot of our batteries on laptops, phones, etc.

Once we were up to date, we drove from Fluðir to Landmannalaugar, in beautiful weather.

This proved to be a very interesting and occasionally challenging drive, with quite a few river crossings.

Awsome Views along the road

Once again, we reduced our tyre pressures from 25 to 12 PSI, to handle the very rough and sharp gravel & rock roads conditions.

Snowcapped Helka in the Background

When we finally got started on mountain road F225 to Landmannalaugar, we stopped to take a tail-gate lunch from the back of the pickups, before flying the quadcopter for a short flight. However, the wind was occasionally so strong, that it posed challenging flying conditions.

Quadcopter flight

As we got closer to Landmannalaugar, we passed the mighty snow-capped volcano Hekla, which typically erupts every 15 years, and is currently 5 years overdue, so we kept an eye on the volcano as we passed (just in case…).

Intersting Driving Conditions

Once we arrived at Landmannalaugar campsite, we set up camp just in time, before the weather turned from beautiful blue skies, white clouds and sun, to low cloud and pouring rain. So we were thus confined to tent, to keep out of the bad weather, which was unfortunate given the fact that we had hoped to see a lot more of the spectacular landscapes Landmannalaugar area offers.

Landmannalaugar Campsite

Tent Life

We were quite surprised by the sheer numbers of tents and campers at this remote campsite location – looked more like base camp of Everest, just before a major climbing season, rather than a very remote campsite in the central highlands of Iceland.

Landmannalaugar Campsite

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