Day 18: Hafnarfjörður – Fluðir

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The day started well, with a warm sunny morning, that continued most of the day.

Arctic Trucks Shop

We packed up the campsite efficiently, and then drove to Arctic Trucks, to spend a few very interesting and enjoyable hours with the Arctic Trucks & Arctic Trucks Experience Teams.

We were fortunate to be given a tour into their workshops, were we saw two 6×6 Toyota Hilux Arctic Trucks undergoing final build preparation for a future Chinese South Pole / Antarctica expedition, as well as viewing one Toyota Hilux that has just returned from the South Pole – Amazing how good it looked after such a trip.

New Toyota Hilux 6X6 - Next Stop South Pole

We have to say a special thank you to Freyja Ágústsdóttir for all her help in not only setting up this visit, but also all her additionally help in trying to find contact details for one of Tuva’s old school friends, that returned back to Iceland a few years ago. Unfortunately, we did not have the right opportunity for allowing her to meet her old school friend on this visit.

Neil with Arctic Trucks Team

Also, many thanks to Steinar Sigurðsson (Sales Director) For his personal guided tour into the Arctic Trucks workshop, to see what happens behind the scenes, and to have this wonderful experience first hand.

Tuva wants one....

We then drove to Selfoss, where we look lunch in the town centre, before driving on to Geysir.

Strokkur/ Geysir

At Geysir, we experienced the geothermal experience that the famous Geysir has given its name to science.

Today, Geysir does not “blow” unless induced by soap, whereas its neighbour Strokkur, provides the constant “geyser show” today. Interestingly, I noticed that Strokkur is a lot more “unreliable / unpredictable” than it used to be – possibly a result of recent earthquake events, that may have disturbed its “blow period”. However, we managed to gain a lot of excellent photos, capturing the geyser explosion event, and the water / steam column. What was clearly obvious to us that have visited this site many times in the past, is how many more tourist were there this time than before – a significant increase.


We then drove to Gullfoss, to see this truly amazing waterfall. Here, the weather was perfect, so we were able to take some great photos, including some with rainbow effects, resulting from the waterfall spray uplift.

Gullfoss Spray

Later, we went tourist shopping at the Gullfoss Centre.

We then drove to Fluðir, just south of Gullfoss, where we established camp, before visiting the local natural open air hot pool called Gamla Laugur (old pool) / Secret Lagoon, which was really enjoyable experience.

Secret Lagoon

Due to technical problems, we have not been able to recharge our laptops, or find sufficiently decent internet connection options, to allow us to update the blog for the last few day (many apologies…).

However, we are back in action, and here is the latest blog news – hope you liked it.

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