Day 17: Hafnarfjörður – Inside Volcano – Blue Lagoon – Reykjavík – Hafnarfjörður

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Today was a severe test of our limitations & patience on the subject of “waiting”.

The day started well, with a slow and easy start from the campsite.

The weather started off poor, with grey overcast clouds and showers, but gradually improved throughout the day.

We drove to Bláfjöll area ski centre, just outside SW Reykjavik, to meet with the Into the Volcano guide. Unfortunately, the was some highly unfortunate mix up with the timing and tour schedule, which resulted in us having to wait for almost 2 hours at the meeting point, before the start of the tour.

However, the wait was well worth it.

The Into the Volcano tour was absolutely excellent, very professional, well thought through and executed, and the guides were really great. We can highly recommend this tour to anyone.

Not only was it a geoscientists / volcanologist dream to be able to be lowered in the only know empty volcano vent in the world, but to also witness first hand such a fantastic geological sight first hand.

Volcanic Vent & Base Camp

The colours within the volcanic vent were absolutely amazing, and the flow / drip structures on the wall as the lava retreated were truly amazing.

Multi-Coloured Lava within Volcanic Vent

It’s not certain what happened geologically, but it appears that as the volcano was actively producing and flowing lava, there was a catastrophic event that suddenly completely drained the lava chamber, leaving a hollow structure ca. twice the high of the statue of liberty – 120m.

Cable car to the inside of the volcano

The guides were great and very informative, and we also had the privilege to meet the main person behind this incredible project, Kristjan Maack, who personally signed the book we bought about this volcano Þríhnúkagígur.

Kristjan Maack & Arctic Fox Cub

They also had a semi-tame arctic fox cub living under their base camp hut, which occasionally came out to greet the new guests, in hope to gain some of the delicious lamb & vegetable broth soup they provide everyone at the end of the volcano visit (due to the temperature within the volcano being ca.4°C).

Lava Cave / Tube Exploration

On the way back to the car park, we also experienced a journey through a long series of interconnecting lava tube / caves.


Blue Lagoon

After this amazing volcano experience, we drove on to the Blue Lagoon to chill out and relax.

Unfortunately, the Blue Lagoon was fully booked this day, so we had to add ourselves onto their walk-in waiting list, which resulted in a ca.2 hour wait, before we were finally admitted to the pool. However, the wait was well worth it, and the very nice warm relaxing swim and soak was just what we needed after a very trying day when it came to “the waiting game”.

Blue Lagoon

After the Blue Lagoon soak, we then dove to Reykjavík, to meet David Hemstock, Neil’s distant Icelandic relative.

We then took the opportunity to take a very late dinner together in the city centre, and catch-up with the last 13 years since we last met.

Dinner in Reykjavik with David

At the end of the day, we had to drive back to Hafnarfjörður campsite, where we arrived very late and tired after a long but very fulfilling day.

Neil & David - Catching up withover 12 years of news


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