Day 16: Húsafell – Hafnarfjörður

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The day started with a fairly slow start, as we didn’t have to be at the Into the Glacier meeting sight until 11:00.

The weather today was good most of the day, with a warm start and sunny blue slies, which turned to overcast dark clouds and rain later in the afternoon / evening.

Neil checking out the Glacier Truck

On Top of Langjökull

After breaking camp, we drove up to Langjökull Into the Glacier Base, where we transferred to MAN Glacier Trucks, which drove us to almost the peak of the glacier, to enter into the recently opened Into the Glacier tunnel.

Into The Glacier Tunnel entrance on Langjökull

Inside the tunnel, we moved ever deeper into the glacier (ca.600m into the glacier, with ca.30m ice roof above us).

Into The Glacier Group

Into the Glacier Group & Tour Leader

Ice Tunnel

Dina in Ice Tunnel

We all really enjoyed the experience and can fully recommend the trip.

After the glacier experience, we then drove the mountain rough gravel road 52 south to Þingvellir and Þingvallavatn

Drive down from Langjökull

Gunnar Deflating Tyres ready for rough gravel road ahead

When we arrived at Þingvellir the weather had taken a turn for the worst unfortunately, making our visit a wet one.


We walked around this historical area, and enjoyed standing on the landfall version of the Mid Atlantic Ridge.


After arrival in Reykjavík, we drove to the city centre campsite, Laugerdalur, where we found it totally overflowing with campers already there, and the campsite essentially already fully occupied. We therefore had to find an alterative solution to our plans, so we drove out of the city to the commuter town of Hafnarfjörður to their campsite, which was a lot more open and less crowded.

After establishing camp, we grabbed a local pizza and eat it on the park bench in the campsite area, before catching-up with website taks and blog updates.

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