Day 15: Ólafsvík – Húsafell

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Day began with a very nice warm start. It was quite unusual and extremely nice, to wake up to a hot warm sunny tent.

Today’s weather was the best we have experienced since we departed on our journey, with blue skies, fluffy white clouds and summer heat, to warm the body.

Interesting Cloud Structures

We did experience some quite interesting cloud formation around midday, which an artist would describe as “broad brush strokes”.

After we packed-up camp, we drove from Ólafsvík to Húsafell, returning to the highlands, via the southern coastal road Highway 54 along the Snæfellsnes Peninsula southern coastline.

We stopped for lunch in Borgarnes, where we also did some essential shopping, including our first visit to the Iceland version of Vinmonopolet called Vínbúðin.

We then drove on to Reykholt, to visit the home of the famous saga-writer Snorri Sturluson. Here we purchased a number of interesting books, about Viking Gods, Sagas, Runes, etc. which we will read along our next half of our expedition journey.

Snorri Sturluson Hot Pool

We then completed the rest of our journey on to Húsafell, where we pitched our tent, before going for a nice relaxing swim in the geothermally heated swimming pool and hot tubs.

Later, the weather was so nice and warm, we could actually eat outside, as well as write up the days blog article on the pickup tailgate – another first on this trip.

The campsite really began to fill up later in the evening, probably due to the good weather and weekend – mainly with Icelanders, not tourists.
We fortunately had a couple of very nice and friendly Icelandic families camping next to us.

Husafell Campsite

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