Day 13: Ísafjörður- Laugar

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Today started really well, with the most efficient campsite pack-up and departure so far on the trip, which may indicate that we are really getting into the rhythm now, and that everyone knows what to do and how to do it.

The weather remained “reasonably ok” all day today, meaning no rain, and some occasional blue sky between the usual grey overcast clouds, and cool winds. However, having said this, it was a few degrees warmer today, than it has been the last few days, but certainly still remains a lot cooler than expected for this time of year.

Tracking up to Ísafjörður

Today we drove from Ísafjörður to Laugar, via some of the most spectacular roads and landscapes so far witnessed on this trip, mainly following highway 60 southwards.

Dynjandi Waterfalls

At midday, we stopped at Dynjandi waterfalls, which is a spectacular wide waterfall, which you can climb right up to if so inclined – so we did, and of course, got completely soaking wet from the spray, but it was well worth the experience.

Expedition Vehicel 1

The mountain gravel road pass after these waterfalls was a spectacular drive, with some exceptional views from the summit, and some interesting and challenging driving conditions along the way.

Expedition Vehicle 1 decending spectacular gravel road mountain pass

We had planned to camp overnight at Reykhólar, but were quite disappointed with the campsite on arrival, so we continued driving to Laugar, where we were very pleased to find a very nice campsite next to the Edda Hotel in Saelingsdalur, which also hosted a 25m open air geothermal heated swimming pool and steam room saunas – excellent !!!

Edda Laugar Hotel Swimming Pool

Throughout the day, Anja was able to take a lot of great photographs, and take time to experiment with both the Nikon cameras and lenses, and her new macro lens attachment for her Samsung mobile phone.

Lupins in Iceland

The evening ended with Anja taking the kids to the hotel for cake & drinks, which was great treat for them.

Tuva & Dina

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