Day 12: Hólmavík – Ísafjörður

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We were very happy to have stayed a second night in accomocation, rather than tent, especially given the very poor weather conditions outside.

This morning, the weather had started to slowly improve, which continued for the better throughout the day, with occasional glimpses of blue sky, between the grey overcast clouds and strong cold winds and occasional light showers.

SS Suðurland, Djúpavík

We first drove north to Djúpavík, at the head of Reykjarfjörður, to visit the rusting shipwreck site of SS Suðurland, which is an old abandoned cargo and passenger vessel, that is now spending its final days rusting on the shore next to the abandoned factory – A photographers paradise.

Here, Neil was attacked by a couple of Arctic Turns who were probably defending their territory, which promptly shit all over his hat…
(Bird shit means “good luck” where Neil comes from, so no worries….).


Fjord Road Views (note the farm at the bottm of the cliff)

We then drove on to Ísafjörður, which is the largest town in the peninsula of Vestfirðir (Westfjords).

The drive was a very long and at times quite interesting, following very close to the coastline most of the time, along potholed dirt track roads winding in and out of the many fjords and inlets.

Its not surprising that this part of Iceland is the least frequented and visited, given its remote distance and challenging landscapes.

Arctic Fox Centre, (Icelandic: Melrakkasetur) Súðavík,

Just before arrival in Ísafjörður, we stopped at the Arctic Fox Centre (Icelandic: Melrakkasetur) in Súðavík, where we toured the museum, as well as witnessed the feeding of a captive Arctic Fox puppy at the back of the museum. The staff were very nice and we really enjoyed our visit to the centre.

Arctic Fox Puppy Feeding

We then established camp (Tungudalur) in the Ísafjörður campsite, and eat dinner.


We then took a trip into town to take a look around, as well as clean the 2 Expedition Vehicles, which were extremely dirty after todays additional mud and dirt from the gravel roads.
It was good fun cleaning the cars, although quite cold.

Half Clean Car

Gunnar Cleaning Exploraton Vehicle 1

On returning back to camp, Neil and Dina took a trip on the mini cycle we have brought along for fun.

Gunnar trying to fix damaged quadcopter

Later, Gunnar worked on the badly damaged quadcopter, after its crash landing (see blog article: “Day 8: Mount Askja (Dreki) – Reykjahlið (Mývatn)“). However, after all the efforts of this evening, it appears that this quadcopter is unfortunately possibly beyond repair at this stage. Luckily, we do have an identical second quadcopter to use for the rest of our trip, but we unfortunately don’t have a second gimbal for the GoPro camera. The GoPro camera on the crashed quadcopter is also probably a complete write-off, as we cannot get it to function.

Dina Drawing on tablet in tent

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