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We are proud to announce that Arctic Trucks Norge AS is the latest company to become an ICE2015 Expedition Equipment Sponsor, by providing Substantial Discounts towards all the additional Expedition Vehicle equipment we need to buy towards our expedition (e.g. Intake Snorkels, Come-Up Cables & Plugs, Puncture Repair Kits, etc.), as well as providing excellent and invaluable advice & services.


Arctic Trucks Norge 15 År Logo

Arctic Trucks Norge AS is a Norwegian wholly owned subsidiary of Arctic Trucks International, based in Drammen, Norway, and are currently celebrating 15 years in Norway (founded in Norway 1999).


Arctic Trucks Norge Website


For over 25 years, Icelanders have been modifying vehicles to improve their performance on difficult terrain in severe climate where the roads are often unsafe, difficult and even dangerous. The strongest motivation is the desire to enjoy Icelandic nature in winter as well as summer. Another factor is the demand by utility companies and the general need of getting from one place to another in rough circumstances.

AT Expedition

From the start Arctic Trucks has focused mainly on two customer groups for special converted vehicles.

The first group consists of people interested in travelling in unknown terrain, outdoor people looking for more all-round use and more comfortable and safe way to travel (e.g. our ICE2015 Iceland Expedition).

The second group consists of utility companies and organizations, such as telephone companies, power and electricity companies and rescue squads that are in the need of powerful vehicles that can be depended on.


Arctic Trucks Hilux AT38-1


The cars have proved their qualities under the most severe conditions, travelling over terrain where no cars have ever been driven before. The cars have all the conveniences and driving properties that can be expected in modern cars, but also have the special advantage of being able to go where others don‘t dare or simply can’t even dream of!


Amundsen Omega 3 South Pole Race

Today Arctic Trucks employees are absolutely the best in the business, with many years of experience in conversions of various 4WD vehicles.  The technical personnel at Arctic Trucks have over the years developed each individual detail in the modification process in close cooperation with the State Technical Institution, not least with regards to safety and driving characteristics.


Both Gunnar and Neil are Arctic Trucks fans, and have dedicated a page on this website, just to discuss:
Why Arctic Trucks?


We would really like to say a very big Thank You to Arctic Trucks Norge AS (especially Ørn Thomsen, Alexander Ferner & Kristin Andersen) for their positive support and sponsorship discounts.

Its really great to have Arctic Trucks supporting us in this positive way.



Arctic Trucks Logo - White

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