Communication Equipment Acquired

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We now have a set of 6 hand held Walkie-Talkie personal radio communication units.

These professional Topcom PT-1078 PMR (Private Mobile Radio) Walkie-Talkie (446 MHz) units are probably the best on the market, without having to hold a VHF Radio Licence.

Topcom Dual Charging Unit

They are extremely robust and ideal for outdoor activities / expedition use, being:

  • Water Immersion Proof (IPX7)
  • Float in Water (IPX7)
  • Dust Proof
  • 446 MHz / 8 Channels / 121 Sub-Channels
  • 10Km Long Range

Topcom Floating in Water

We plan to use these for communication between Expedition Vehicles whilst driving, as well as on occasions when our Expedition Team becomes split-up, to conduct different activities, etc. (especially useful in areas where little / no mobile phone coverage is available).

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