New Expedition Sponsor – Game-On AS

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Game-On AS, the local Stavanger-based leading supplier of Paintball, Softgun, Air Weapons, Starter Pistols, Knives, DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material / Camouflage) Clothes and Tactical Military Hardware & Equipment, is the latest company to become an ICE2015 Expedition Equipment Sponsor.

Combat Shirt Digital Woodland

Game-On have donated very useful equipment items towards our expedition needs, including Clothing, Leatherman Multi-Tools (Skeletool), and universally useful Parachord (Parachute Chord).

Leatherman SkeletoolParacord

We would really like to say a very big Thank You to Game-On for all their positive support and equipment sponsorship –  Its really great to have a local Stavanger-based Company supporting us in this positive way. We have also thanked them via Trust Pilot Portal (see below).

Game-On Trust Pilot Thanks Statement

Trust Pilot Thanks Statement to Game-On

We will be decorating our 2 Arctic Trucks Expedition Vehicles with sponsor company logos in the near future, once we have completed all our mechanical fixes & upgrades on both cars, and received all the logo stickers requested.


We certainly look forward to using these items of quality equipment throughout our Iceland experience – and on other future expeditions yet to be planned……


Game-On Logo

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