Quadcopter Testing Continues

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Neil (Left) & Gunnar (Right) Testing Quadcopter Equipment

This weekend we used some of our time whilst at the hytte in Sirdal, to continue equipment testing and test fyling one of the prototype quadcopters we have been building and developing over the last few months.

Gunnar making Quadcopter ready for Test Flight

One of the main tests conducted this weekend was to check the newly updated stabilizer system, which helps keep the quadcopter on a much more even and stable flight.

As you can see from the photo below, the quadcopter is now much more stable and easier to control, seen here hovering just a short distance from Gunnar’s head, under his control.

Gunnar Test Flying Quadcopter for Stability Control

We also conducted¬†further tests on the Fat Shark Attitude V2 FPV (First-Person View) goggles – “Very cool way of seeing what the quadcopter sees”.

Fat Shark FPV Neil Testing Fat Shark FPV

Overall, this testing session was a success, with only a few minor incidents requiring minor rapairs & blade swap-outs.

It’s going to be really interesting to see how far we can progress over the next few months, before we leave for Iceland.

Lots more test flights and equipment upgrades / adjustments ahead.

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