Quadcopter Building Begins

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This weekend we started to build the Expedition Quadopters.

Quadcopter Build 1 - Tuva (Left) & Dina (Right)  Quadcopter Build 2 - Gunnar (Left), Tuva (Centre) & Dina (Right)

We started to build 2 of the 4 identical frame sets we have, using blueprint assembly plans viewed on the tablet.

We completed 1 frame set to the stage where all 4 motors & propellers were attached with all the electronics, battery and control panel in place, to allow for a first test flight.

Quadcopter Build 3 - Gunnar  Quadcopter Build 4 - Gunnar (Left) & Tuva (Right)

Although all the build process was successfully completed, the initial test flights indicated a fault on one of the 4 motors, which unfortunately ended in a motor catastrophic failure, resulting in the craft loosing control and flipping over to crash land, breaking 2 of 4 propellers.

Quadcopter Build 5

However, we were expecting something of this nature to happen – building a Quadcopter from scratch with a few hiccups along the way during Assembly and Testing was totally expected, and built into our planning & spare parts store.

Both Tuva and Dina really loved the experience – they built all the frame sections alone, with adult guidance and supervision only, and achieved quite a lot in one day.


Quadcopter Build 6 - Happy Tuva !!!

We will continue this process now, until we have finalized the Quadopter builds, successfully completed the testing programme, and successfully run a few initial test flights, to certify the aircraft airworthy and ready for field operational use.

Watch out for more Blog News items on Quadcopter progress in the near future.

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